Biological diversity is an entity composed of genes, species, ecosystems and ecological events in a region. Biological wealth refers to variety and variability of living organisms, their interactions with each other, their environment and the complex ecological structure of which they are living in.

Turkey is located on three different bio-geographical regions which are very rich regarding biodiversity namely Siberian, Irano-Turanian and Mediterranean regions. AnaDOKU develops projects for identification, monitoring and conservation of national biodiversity and provides their implementation.

Management Plan is a document describing geographical borders, physical structure, socio-economic situation, biological diversity and cultural situation of natural and cultural regions; explaining threats, pressure on the area and other problems, determining vision and objectives of management of protected area and necessary activities to reach to the objectives; identifying dimensions and conditions of participation of stakeholders in developing and monitoring of the plan; determining protected areas for use of the area; provides management of protected areas more effectively.

AnaDOKU develops Management Plans to provide effective management of protected areas their implementations. Conservation of sustainable traditional production, processing and consumption methods of traditional way of living, and contributing to studies increasing economic level and quality of life of local people are among AnaDOKU’s objectives.

According to IUCN description, a protected area is clearly defined geographical space, recognized, dedicated and managed, through legal or other effective means, to achieve the long-term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values. Protected areas include not only endangered, endemic or narrowly spreaded vegetation and animals but also areas having scenic beauty, ecological feature, geological, geomorphological, landscape, historical, archeological, and cultural values.

AnaDOKU performs studies about rational use of protected areas.

Organic agriculture; natural and sustainable production method is a part of local values and cultural diversity. It is not an alternative to the agricultural production practices, but is the right approach to agriculture. It is essential for the preservation of biodiversity and human health.

Promoting the production and consumption of local agricultural products and create new marketing strategies for organic products, increasing wealth and solidarity through local organic production and consumption processes are among AnaDOKU’s aims.

AnaDOKU adopted as a philosophy of life to be respectful to people and nature from production to consumption.  

Sustainability of tourism depends on the sustainability of natural and cultural resources. Therefore, rather than mass tourism; low density eco-friendly tourism activities should be supported.

In this regard, AnaDOKU develops implementation projects that meet economic, social and aesthetic needs while protecting the natural ecological and cultural assets.

In order to provide planned development in terms of both social and physical manners, AnaDOKU develops regional development plans and strategy about especially biological diversity, tourism, agriculture, rural development and desertification. In this context, cooperating and collaborating with organizations that have the related field of activities, developing common implementation projects with private sector are among AnaDOKU’s aims.

In context of institutional social responsibility projects, AnaDOKU develops and implements projects on behalf of related institutions and organizations. In this way, by creating public opinion, it is contributed to increasing environmental awareness and sensitivity.

Ecosystem assessment reports are prepared by experts through observing ecological features of the project areas. These reports identify potential impacts of the projects on the region and present preventive solutions to decrease these impacts.

These reports are required by General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks for numerous subject of activity such as hydroelectric plant, wind energy plant, solar energy plant etc.

AnaDOKU gives consultancy service with its expert teams about ecosystem assessment reports.